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How to Clean Your Roller Cover | Paint Supplies in Niskayuna

So the painting is done, the project’s completed, now you have to clean the tools.

Everybody dreads cleaning the roller cover.

You’re in the wash tub, you’re trying to clean it out, you really can’t get the paint out of it well. You take it, you put it aside, it dries and a couple weeks later, it has a great big flat spot on it. You just wasted $6 or $7 on a great roller cover. THIS CAN BE AVOIDED.

We’ll show you how to clean it.

We have a great tool, along with other paint supplies, called a brush and roller cleaner — it’s a spinner.

We take our roller, get soap on it, put it in the wash tub, put it on the end of the spinner and scrubbed up. We keep it down deep in the tub and spin everything out of there.

Everything comes out, its in the wash tub, we rinse the tub, that roller cover is ready to go.

Then set it vertically for a few days to dry and put it back in the plastic sleeve.

A single $6 roller cover will paint multiple rooms.

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