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Custom Window Treatment in Niskayuna and Schenectady

Over owner Gary Kelly’s three decades working with window treatments like blinds and shades in Niskayuna, Schenectady and Scotia — and throughout the Capital District, he will often be invited to someone’s home to do measurements.

We have window treatments for every type of home and window — whether you’re in a new home, old home, have original windows or replacements, we’ve got you covered!


We’ll measure window treatments like cellular shades or vertical blinds.

Sometimes it’s a heartbreaker becasue what they want won’t work. Unlike some other stores, we will be honest and tell them in good conscience that something won’t work becasue of the way the windows are set.

But we’ll always have some type of alternative. We’re always going to work with you to get you a functional window treatment that’s going to work.


Replacement windows

You can’t always put a standard window treatment in a replacement window. They may not have enough depth. They may not have enough jam to put the window treatment in it. We see that sort of thing all the time.

The alternative in that situation is working on a window treatment that hangs on the outside frame. Some look great! Some may not work well.

But we’ll go through all of options to show you what WILL work and what may not. And we’ll leave the choice up to you. But we’ll always make sure we’ve educated you to everything that’s possible.

Stop by the Niskayuna Paint and Home Decor Center today!