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Paint and Primer in One: Too Good To Be True?

The new fad is the paint and primer deal. Some claim: “It’s the miracle gallon of paint,” or “It does everything in one. It paints, it primes, it covers in one coat” or “It’s the best!” But is that true?

Let me ask this question: If it really is the best, why do all these companies still make primer? Becasue there’s a need for it.

Not everything can have paint and primer.

For instance, I’m very comfortable taking paint and primer and putting it over paint of the same type.

But what if it has smoke damage? What if it has water damage? What if you’ve got wallpaper paste still left on the wall? In those cases, we won’t sell you a gallon of paint and primer together. It won’t work out well. You’ll end up coming back in an hour taking home the gallon of the primer we wanted you to take home in the first place.

There’s a need for primer and a reason for it. Everything is not in that one gallon all the time. Here are Village Paint, we want to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

So, if you’ve got a particular circumstance, something you can’t get finish to stick to, give us a call. We’ve got the answer for you and we’ll make sure that it works.