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Kitchen Makeover: Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets The Right Way | Kitchen Paint Schenectady

Ready to paint your kitchen cabinets but not sure where to start? Don’t get overwhelmed. We have seen thousands of projects and will make sure you are using the right products from start to finish. Stop in today to learn about Kitchen Paint in Schenectady!

We get calls all the time form folks saying “I want to to paint my kitchen cabinets, I was on a blog.”

Before you begin, let our experts at Village Paint talk to you for a few minutes. There are many different things we need to do, but it depends on your situation.

We have primers that will go on those cabinets without any sanding needed. It will adhere to a high-gloss urethane.

Maybe you only need to wash the cabinets and then use our primer, then follow up with a finish coat we recommend for it. There is a different primer for everything, there is a different top-coat for all of it.

If the blogs get to the point when you’re totally confused, which you will be becasue most people have done one job and they write a blog, stop in!

We’ve seen thousands of these projects. We could write that blog.

But we can show you how to do it. Just give us a call of stop in.

We’ll show you how to do it the right way for your situation. We’ll save you time and save you money. And we’ll save you total disappointment.