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How to Make Rooms Look Larger | Benjamin Moore Paint Store in Schenectady

Feeling boxed in by the cold weather? With these simple steps, you can make small rooms look larger.

We hear this a lot. My room is small and I want to use a mid-tone color on the walls but I want to lighten it up and I want light trim.

Do you realize you’ve made that room look smaller?

Why? You’ve used a mid-tone color on the walls and white trim, and what you’ve done is highlight everything in that room that looks boxy.

The door opening looks boxy becasue it’s highlighted in white, the window looks boxy. Your eye goes to all of the chopped up areas.

We like maybe a mid-tone color and an off-white on the trim to soften the edges. That will give you a job that looks smooth, soft and easier on your eye. The room is still the same size, but it’s much more appealing to the eye.

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