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Vinyl Flooring Schenectady | Vinyl Flooring Glenville | Vinyl Flooring Niskayuna

Are you looking for vinyl flooring near me? Village Paint is your answer! A lot of our flooring sales are referrals from customers we’ve worked for over the years.

You can come in and tell us you want a free-floating floor. But is that free-floating floor going to work on your particular sub straight? Is it going to work on concrete that’s not level or that has a lot of bumps in it? The answer really is no.

Are you looking for Laminate Flooring in Schenectady? We can help you with that, too!

It’s going to come down to preparation to make that floor as smooth as possible so that free-floating floor doesn’t have a lot of dips in it. When it does, it just breaks down the joints and the floor will fail.

We may tell you need a glue-down floor there, if you’re not going to do all that prep work. Glue-down is going to follow the contour of the floor. It’s not going to move, it’s going going to go up and down, it’s not free-floating.

You may ask up for a solid sheet vinyl floor or Vinyl Flooring Schenectady. We may tell you that solid sheet vinyl is going to be great. We may love a solid sheet vinyl in a bathroom where there’s a lot of water.

If it’s solid sheet, there’s no seams. You walk out, you have a puddle under you feet, you can still wipe it up. If you have a lot of seams, a lot of joints, the water gets in them and the floor is going to eventually fail.

We’ll be sure that whatever we put in there is going to be waterproof. We have some beautiful Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) vinyls that are totally waterproof and cork backed.

So we’re going to be sure that when you leave, that particular flooring that you purchased, like Vinyl Flooring Niskayuna, from us is the right one. We’re not going to just make a sale and shove you off. We want a customer for long-term. That’s why we do what we do.